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Surrogate Mother Compensation

One of the most common questions about the surrogacy process is: How much do surrogates get paid. We offer a generous compensation package. Our surrogate compensation package includes your base fee of $30,000 for being a surrogate, plus the additional bonus up to $70,000 if you meet the requirements below.

Factors that may impact surrogate mother compensation and reimbursement can include geographical location, education background, and the number of previous pregnancies (surrogate mother experience). Repeat surrogates are highly encouraged to apply for the most competitive surrogate compensation packages available. For more details, please check the following table:

Bonus Requirements Bonus
Age 21-28 +$5,000
California Resident +$5,000
Los Angeles Resident +$5,000
Experienced surrogacy +$5,000
Natural delivery history +$5,000
Decent work +$5,000
Good education background (College and above) +$5,000
Others +$5,000

For more information about compensation, please fill out the application form, and our specialist will contact you soon.

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